12 ejemplos del pasado simple pasivo

We saw the past simple passive a few months ago. Here are some more examples to learn and practice. 

Affirmative with was/were + the past participle:

This song was originally written by Paul Simon.

It was recorded in 1971 in a studio in Manhattan.

These chickens raised by my uncle Henry.

These shoes were made in Mallorca.

Pedro was born in Toledo.

Negatives with wasn’t or weren’t + the past participle:

This wine wasn’t made in Navarra, it was in La Mancha.

This salmon wasn’t caught in a river, it was raised on a fish farm.

These shoes weren’t made in Spain, they were made in India.

Questions with was/were before the object:

When was this song written?

Who was it recorded by?

Where were these shoes made?

Where were these grapes grown?

Si quieres, aquí tienes más gramática y aquí tienes una explicación más detallada de las expresiones con to be born.

Have a lovely day!