Más ejemplos del comparativo y superlativo

Las preguntas y las negaciones en comparativo y superlativo se forman según los tiempos verbales.

Presente Simple:

(+) Tea is healthier than juice. 

(-)  Pepsi isn’t healthier than juice.

(?) Is tea healthier than juice?

(?) Which is healthier: tea or juice?

Pasado Simple:

(+) She was much thinner when she was younger.

(-)  She wasn’t much thinner when she was younger.

(?) Was she thinner when she was younger?

(?) How much thinner was she when she was younger?

Presente Perfecto y Superlativo

(+) Rafael Nadal has been the best Spanish tennis player for several years.

(-)  My cousin Pepe has never been the handsomest guy at the party.

(?) Have you seen the latest Woody Allen film?

(?) Who has had the best results so far?

Para ver eso con un poco más de contexto, he aquí un pequeño texto:

My city is called Phoenix, it’s in the state of Arizona. It isn’t the biggest city in the USA, and it isn’t one of the most cosmopolitan, but it is definitely one of the hottest. It’s cheaper than a lot of other cities: probably the most expensive places are New York and San Francisco. What Phoenix used to have was one of the fastest growth rates of any city in the US. It was able to grow faster than other cities because of all the construction. But now in the economic recession, there is much less construction and some people are moving away. 

The biggest state in the US is Alaska, and the one with the most people is California. Alaska is much bigger than California, but the population is much smaller. California is a little bit smaller than Spain, and Texas is a little bit bigger. Alaska is more than 3 times bigger than Spain!

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